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The Essence of Touch

The Essence of Touch offers a space to share touch and interactive meditation with Muditosan. Find out more about Arun and the types of workshops, trainings and sessions currently offered.

“Love is like water”


Now, Listen to this Sutra of Lao Tze. The softest substance of the world goes through the hardest. What is the sosftest substance of the world? There are two. In the outside world the softest substance is water. In the inside world the softest substance is love. And water and love are both alike in many, many ways. It has to be understood. Water seeks hollow places. Love also seeks hollow places. If you are an egoist, love can not reach you because you are a pinacle of ego, a peak. Your are so fill with yourself, love can not reach. Love needs you to be an emptiness, a space with no hindrance. Water also seeks hollow places, that’s how it moves from the Himalayas, and goes, and goes, and goes and reaches to the ocean. Ocean is the most hollow place in the world. That’s how it reaches. A river can not move towards the Gourishankar, it can not go to the highest peak of the Himalayas. Just the rivers. A river is born on the highest peaks of the himalayas, in the glaciars, and the it moves low, low, low, goes on moving until it reaches to the hollowest and lowest place in the world, the ocean. The ocean becomes its home. Love also moves towards hollowness, emptiness. That’s why egoistic people can not love and can not be loved. They desire much, they ask for love, they do whatsoever can be done to attain to love but they remain a failure. They fail utterly. Because the point is not how to attain to love, the point is how to become hollow. How to become empty. Love should not be sought directly, can not be sought directly. Only indirectly you can become available to it. You simply become hollow and see. Thousand and one thing start flowing towards you. Unknown strangers fall in love with you, not only men. Stars and stones, sand and ocean, trees and birds. Wherever you move suddenly the love start flowing towards you because love is like water, it seeks a hollow place. So there it can rest. You past by the side of a tree, if you are hollow suddenly the love of the tree starts flowing towards you. It is natural. There is nothing like a miracle. It is just like water. You pour water and it will find the hollowest place to rest. Love is the water of inner being. The softest substance of the world goes through the hardest. Have you ever loved someone? Love is so soft that you can not think that love can win but it always wins.